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NYAH Foodball


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Darrell- 6x4@300dpiPhotograph digitised and enhanced by John Bartlett – Photographer

This 1949 Riley 2.5 Litre Sports, was owned in the late 1950’s by Mr Darrell England (pictured sitting in the driver’s seat) of Wellington NSW, whom still resides there. Only 503 units were produced – 300 shipped to the USA, 100 remained in Britain with 100 coming to Australia. This particular car is currently based in Bendigo, Victoria, has original registration and is still in working order.  Not only was it unusual for a sports car to be fitted with a bench seat but also has a column shift.  Mr England came into possession of this car for work done during wheat sowing season. When Mr England wouldn’t accept payment for his toil, the farmer gifted the Riley to Darrell.