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As a Photographer of more than 30 years, I’ve gained many skills along the way and now include most digital design and imaging products.  Digital correction, manipulation and enhancement as shown in the examples of photo restoration are a part of this, along with four colour digital and offset printing – personal and commercial.  So, why not give me a call if you would like to make a booking or require more information about my products and services.

My brochure is available by filling out the form on the ‘CONTACT’ page, including your postal address and a comment about the reason for your request in the message section.  I would be pleased to post you one of my quality brochures, which is the same quality brochure produced in orders for Clientele of offset and digital printing.   Enquire now.  You have nothing to lose.

Furthermore, I am planning continual additions and alterations to this site and suggest periodic ganders will be enlightening and enjoyable, sincerely thanking those who have given me so much positive feedback and encouragement.

0437 499 663 or 02 6885 4919.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and your enquiry.